Overachieving in Surrey ~ 81.5 km

The posting looked interesting...
ride from the King George Skytrain Station in Surrey
and through Serpentine Fen, Crescent Beach for lunch,
Blackie Spit, White Rock and back.

The kilometers were daunting
-- 70 km was further
than we'd ever ridden...

it promised to be
a sunny October day

so off we went . . .

What we didn't plan on
was a strong headwind
a change of return route
making it longer ride (81.5 km)
through Burns Bog
crossing the Alex Fraser and
the Queensborough Bridges
with the buffeting wind
and softening bike tires, oh my!

but WE DID IT !!!!

Thanks to the VBMG group for their patience
with my little bike wheels and
for the fantastic route guidance.

All in all --
a great ride!

Now it's time to get that hybrid with the BIG wheels!

Here it is - link to the full ride